About Our President
& Chief Marketing Consultant

Chad Goehring is an entrepreneur and marketing expert who focuses on being refreshingly real about how to market your business in today’s world.  He developed and created the CP6 Protocol as a system that guarantees uniqueness to any business, no matter what.  He is a sought after speaker and trainer but likes to spend the majority of his time working with his teams to develop real solutions for CoFission’s current and future clients. 

He is happily married to his knockout wife Heidi and has four dazzling youngsters who call him Dad.  A musician, a coach, an amazing beard and a relentless drive to help small businesses succeed.  


The CoFission Story 

We’ve just watched too many small businesses, sales professionals or entrepreneurs struggle to generate enough new business to reach the success they hope for.  

CoFission is a marketing agency with two departments: 
Our CP6 Consulting Department and our Marketing Services Department.    

We have two departments for a reason.  We’re tired of watching businesses struggle in the digital age.  There’s just too much opportunity right now and many businesses are missing out because they have been sold a lie.  The lie is that digital marketing is the answer to their marketing woes. 

It’s not..

Great marketing is the answer to their marketing woes and digital marketing provides fantastic new channels to leverage that great marketing.  But it starts with crafting and defining the perfect audience.  What truly makes you stand out among your competition. 

What does your company do that no one else in the world does? 

We don’t care if you sell sand, you won’t get any traction with digital marketing if you can’t answer this one simple question.  We help you answer the question in a few sessions, with really hard questions and some expert guidance. 

That’s why we have two distinct and perfectly layered departments for our agency.  

You need to answer the question of what you do that no one else in the world does… and we can help you answer that question.  We specialize in commoditized business channels such as Insurance, Financial Planning, Lending, Real Estate, Accounting… you get the picture.  These are hard industries to truly find uniqueness.  But every business we work with, whether unique or not, ends up with a special process that makes them truly stand out when set against their competition.  

There are a thousand other agencies out there that can provide you with a suite of tools that they call marketing.  That’s not what we do.  We give you the one thing that makes those tools actually work, direction and focus.  A real plan.  The perfect message for the perfect audience that helps you grow and find the success that you truly want and deserve.  

Then we offer two key digital elements that many businesses need to leverage in order to execute that perfect plan.  There are many other marketing channels that might be needed for your business and we have strategic partners that can provide those services as well.  They are vetted and good.  If they stop being good, they stop being a strategic partner for us.