CoFission, LLC
Refund Policy

CoFission (including all/any of it’s industry brands) is a subscription based marketing company.  Our clients pay a monthly subscription fee for digital marketing services that we provide.  Our refund policy is reflected in two different types of agreements that our clients have with us.  Month to Month marketing agreements and contract based marketing agreements.  Below is the refund policy of each type of agreement:

Month to Month Agreements  (CoFissioin Standard Agreements)

If the client engaged in a month to month agreement for marketing services with CoFission, LLC., they must cancel services by written notification within 24 business hours before the next automatic payment is processed.  If client requests cancellation of services less than 24 hours before your next payment is processed, CoFission will continue to provide service according to the agreement until the next billing period arrives (usually 30 days).  The client will not be billed any additional payment and services will be discontinued at that time. 

If client requests cancellation within 24 hours of the next payment processed, CoFission will NOT charge the client for the next month of services and will discontinue marketing services at the time of the next billing period or immediately if the client requests in their written notification. 

There are no refunds issued for charges that have already occurred and were not cancelled by written notification within 24 hours of the payment processed. 

Contract Based Agreements  (Video Production, Wed Development, Etc.)

All contract cancellation policies are outlined in each agreement specifically.  Refunds are not issued under contract based services as long as CoFission can reasonably show the work that was contracted for as outlined in the contract agreement.  Please see your individual contract based agreement with CoFission for specific guidance and clarification of the cancellation process. 

Contacting CoFission

If you wish to cancel services or have questions regarding our refund policy, please click here to send us written notification as required by our refund policy or send us your questions, click here to do so.