Standing in a room of 40 plus real estate agents and I ask a simple question…

How many of you would say that experience is what makes you different from other realtors?   About half the agents in the room raised their hands.  

Then I asked…

How many of you would say that your customer service is what makes you different from other realtors?  Seemed like the other half of agents raised their hands.  

So then I asked…

If half the room raised their hand at the same time that you did, is it possible that your experience or customer service does not make you unique at all?  I mean, if everyone says they have the best customer service, why should I believe you?  Just look at how many hands are raised with yours. 

Truth is, these types of “distinguishing” elements DO NOT set you apart.  Not even a little.  

Maybe we need to think a little past ourselves and actually develop uniqueness based on our customer’s perceived and real issues instead of our lazy fall backs.  Just sayin.

The world has problems.  

Your business, product or service is not able to solve the worlds problems – but you can solve a certain kind of problem.  Your ideal customer has very narrow and specific problems that you can, at least partially, solve.  Sometimes those problems are intrinsic to themselves and sometimes they’re broader, more industry wide problems.  Either way you can help.  

I have watched too many sales professionals try to sell themselves or their product on price or personality.  You’ll get some business but not the kind of business you want to get.  But when you become a real problem solver, you start attracting the kind of business that you really enjoy rather than business that’s always seeking the lowest cost.  

Figure out what your perfect customer’s primary issues are and then create a system that helps them solve those issues.  At least provide a way for them to avoid the common issues that they would expect to have when working with you or someone else who does what you do.  

Seems easy, but it will take some real thought.